Radio Sites and Towers

Shape Services Ltd have built and maintained hundreds of radio sites, communications towers and masts around the globe. We can integrate in to a project at any point, from planning, specifying, procuring, onto building, maintaining, inspecting and certification –  Shape has the experience, expertise, technical and logistical ability to ensure success.

Why collaborate with Shape? Our proven operational background in challenging locations combined with our rapid deployment capabilities demonstrates that Shape are a powerful force to partner with.

Shape Services Ltd has been in the communications space for decades and we have a deep understanding of how to implement a communications network through full life cycle.

As an experienced and trusted partner, we bring real world planning and problem solving ensuring programme and projects are delivered within budget, on time, safely and reliably.


Full turn-key solutions for the build, relocation and decommissioning of systems.


Proactive, reactive and corrective maintenance activities from planning through to execution.


Ensure long-term success with highly skilled and developed specialists.

Entire project life cycle support