Corporate Social Responsibility

Mission Statement

At Shape we believe the work that we carry out on behalf of our customers should have the minimal negative impact on the world and where possible support positive actions.

Despite our efforts, we recognise that due to the nature of our work, zero impact on the environment would be impossible to achieve. We therefore aim to make efforts in other areas in order to offset this effect in some other valuable way and present Shape, both externally and internally, as an ethical entity.

Our core values on Care, Quality, Commitment, Communication and Collaboration underpin the actions that we take and guide how we select our activities.

  • Environmental


    Our company strives to not only preserve our environment, we also do what we can to improve it and we are committed to operating our business in a socially responsible way.

    We frequently assess what areas of our work activity impact upon the environment and we make every effort to reduce the impact through intelligent and efficient planning and work practices.

    We implement the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles wherever possible when considering our physical resources and have an efficient waste recycling structure in place within our offices and encourage staff to participate in this. We also undertake activities that contribute to the health of the local environments, such as litter picks & unwanted item donations.

  • Charitable Support

    Shape is passionate about supporting charitable organisations that will benefit from our assistance and fundraising activities.  The charities that we chose to support are meaningful to our staff and the work that we carryout.

    Over the past few years we have been involved in number of events from volunteer days, walking campaigns & bake sales and have raised over £3,000 for selected charities.  Shape Services also match donations received through employee fundraising for these charities.

    The two main beneficiaries for this year will be Help for Heroes and Cancer Research UK.

  • Goodwill Actions

    We care for our local communities and we believe that giving back to local projects & organisations makes us a stronger business.  The activities we perform engages and motivates our colleagues to support the local community in which they work.

    Many of our employees volunteer both independently and at company-led events and we permit allocated time for this during working hours.

    Through our sponsorship and collaboration our communities benefit from a wide range of help & support from food donations, animal care, & fitness programmes.

Company Benefits

Our staff are our greatest asset and we aim to give them a worthwhile and fulfilling working experience. This is greatly supported by the demonstration of our culture in the activities undertaken by the company and all staff are encouraged to participate and join us in having common goals and being one team.  This also contributes to our wellbeing and welfare initiatives within the business by ensuring staff feel part of something to be proud of and can improve mental and physical fitness in the process.

The quality of our services to customers speak for themselves, however, our corporate social responsibilities are not as transparent. We aim to publish & present these to existing and potential customers to highlight our positive outcomes and collaborate with organisations who see the value in our CSR activities.

Our suppliers are also key to what we do and providing them with visible evidence of our ethical culture and values will help to strengthen the working relationships and ensure their support throughout. Where appropriate we will include them in our activity.

Above all, these activities provide a sense of character for the business and give all stakeholders a positive experience that will aid us to achieve our common goals.

We aim to address the key subjects locally to our operations, locally to our head office and globally. We are realistic with what we can achieve but recognise that every effort is positive.


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