Physical Security Measures Every Data Company Should Employ

As operators focus their time and resources mitigating cyber risks physical security of data centres may be being neglected.

In 2020 data is a big deal but with the increasing pressure of intelligent cyber-attacks many companies are concentrating all their efforts on cyber security and often overlooking the physical vulnerabilities of their businesses. According to the 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report, 10% of malicious breaches in the study were caused by a physical security compromise, at an average cost of $4.36 million.

Make no mistake, physical security is as important as ever! Companies that have digital assets are vulnerable to on-site threats. If physical security is ignored, it may be easier to walk through your company’s front door and thieve data directly rather than to hack it remotely. Disruptions to the datacentre can lead to:

  • Lost data
  • Business downtime
  • Negative customer perceptions
  • Compliance fines or penalties
  • Detract from employee productivity

With over two decades of experience working in hostile environments, our deep understanding of the risk of physical threats is second to none. From threat detection solutions to perimeter security, our passion for the defence of systems and assets is undeniable and places us in a great position to recommend these physical security measures every data company should employ.

Layered Security
To truly secure your assets and systems you must start from the outside in with a layered security approach. Think of it as different lines of defence starting from your perimeter each with their own unique benefit. The objective of this layered approach should be to keep out unauthorised people and if they do gain access identify them as soon as possible, keeping them contained to a secure section of the facility. Although specifics will change depending on location these layers could include physical barriers, intruder detection, surveillance cameras, security personnel, vehicle traps, anti-drone tech, full authentication and auditable access policy control.

CCTV is a strong deterrent against criminal activity. Coupled up with ISR personnel, it still remains one of the best reactive security solutions available. Companies can detect physical breaches in real time and can produce evidence to pass on to the relevant authorities and insurance companies.

Access Control
When access control is integrated into a facility it puts a physical obstacle between a person and an asset. Essentially depending on which route is suitable for your facility access control will manage:

  • Who has access?
  • What they have access to
  • When they can gain access
  • Under which conditions they’re allowed access

Access controls can range from simple identification technology to screening solutions for personnel, vehicles or cargo. Access control will only work as well as the standard operating procedures in place which should be actively monitored and reviewed.

Security Culture
Without a doubt one of the fundamental challenges of physical security is company personnel and their attitude towards security. If they don’t take it seriously cracks will start to appear that can be exploited. For success, security needs to be ingrained within the culture of the business. To achieve this, operating procedures needs to actively monitored and reviewed, regular training should be provided and working to best practise must be become routine.

Backup Contingencies
Finally, businesses should ensure that they have backup contingencies in place in case things like power go down. If there is an outage, do your security systems still run on back up for an adequate time until the problem can be sorted? Make sure onsite backup generators have enough fuel etc. Planning is always going to be integral here, and the more you plan for the better prepared you will be if a problem does occur.

We believe that these considerations are critical from our experience in the field. In today’s uncertain world of various high threat levels, more than ever, physical security infrastructure plays an important role. Shape Services Ltd has an unparalleled knowledge of how to implement and operate these mission critical and often complex layers of security.

We pride ourselves on flexibility and delivery of dependable solutions in even the most arduous and austere conditions. Our planned approach to the building, maintaining and operation of systems compliments a variety of market sectors from communications to defence and security, aviation to ports and borders and critical infrastructure.

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