Threat Detection Maintenance

A global market leader and OEM in the x-ray technology approached Shape Services Ltd to complement, enhance and expand their field service engineering capability worldwide, due to the rapid high demand and success of their products.

Our project team was tasked with reviewing and planning future workload and workstreams based on historic and current SLAs. This information gave us a view of the volumes of activities that would be expected, allowing us to predict what level of effort would be necessary within a time forecast of one year.

Once established, our teams recognised that the next challenge was the rapid deployment of field service engineers to various strategic, high risk and hard to reach locations to carry out repair, preventative, corrective and reactive maintenance activities in different areas of the world that are considered hostile and challenging both in its physical location and the country’s geopolitical standpoint.

With extraordinary background experience and knowledge, our project team made this programme an overwhelming success. Once again seeing many of our team receiving personal accolades, recognition and awards for their work. The collaboration of both home and overseas teams working together saw that the customer continued to exceed their SLAs within this maintenance program and were extremely happy. Our planning and execution meant that we were delivering this project with no unpleasant surprises to our customer, on time, in budget and safely.