Threat Detection Capability (TDC)

A global, key provider of advanced x-ray equipment and related technologies, within the defence sector and a leader in their field, tendered for and was successful winning a flagship project to supply, operate and maintain vehicle, baggage and personnel x-ray systems at various strategic, high-profile military establishments across a Middle Eastern conflict zone.

Shape Services was engaged to supply skilled manpower and manage day to day operational activities on the ground in order to fulfil the prime contractor’s commitments and meet SLAs. The system provider deemed it essential to engage with a reputable, reliable and established company with proven experience operating in hostile environments.

Shape Services primary responsibility was to provide trained x-ray scanner operators to facilitate the operation of multiple high throughput x-ray systems and field service engineers (FSE) to maintain system integrity and reduce system downtime. Providing 24/7/365 system support and operations in a highly controlled environment would require significant personnel coordination and mitigation planning.

Hostile environments, requiring an additional level of personnel support, local security procedure compliance and situational awareness, present an increased challenge in managing risk. By providing a bespoke approach to staff, tailored by the environmental and security challenges faced, Shape Services maintained a high success rate with a reduced staff turnover and 100% compliance with contract requirements.

Shape Services provided in excess of 40 scanner operators, 5 field service engineers, 3 on-site managers and maintained a successful working relationship with the end customer, meeting 100% of contractual obligations until the fulfilment of the contract after a period of 5 years 8 months.

Supported by a dedicated projects team consisting of UK based staff, a closely monitored, safe, methodical standardised approach was achieved. The importance of transparency, situational monitoring, effective assignment of tasks and contractual compliance was imperative to meet the end customers critical infrastructure requirements.

The overall result after almost 6 years of this specific project was one of success.  The contract came to an end due to a rapid change in the destination country’s political environment therefore ending the project.

The experience Shape Services has gained in this particular environment has laid a foundation for suppliers in similar situations to look towards our company to provide the same expertise, reliability and professionalism to facilitate their ongoing and upcoming contracts in remote, austere and hostile environments.