Professional Mobile Radio (TETRAPOL UHF Radio)

A leader in the Defence and Space industry and specialist in secure communications systems delivered a tailored, deployable, encrypted voice and data communication network within multiple regions of a hostile conflict zone located in the Middle East region. By supplying customer specific cryptographic ciphering and providing secure voice, GPS tracking capabilities utilising handheld, vehicle mounted and static radio systems over a UHF network, a critical primary source of communications was created for thousands of high-profile subscribers in several geographic regions.

Shape Services was engaged to supply high calibre field service engineers for initial system deployment, leading to operation and maintenance contracts sustaining system integrity and management of the day to day support requests. Customer facing, it was the responsibility of Shape Services to provide the confidence, reliability and integrity to uphold the relationship between the end customer and prime contractor as well as managing 1st and 2nd line system support to meet contractual SLAs.

Shape Services primary responsibility was to provide system trained field service engineers to perform routine maintenance activities, system monitoring and respond to unplanned outages, reducing system downtime and maintaining network integrity. Providing 24/7/365 system support in a hostile environment with security induced logistical constraints would require increased levels of movement coordination, mitigation planning and risk management.

Hostile environments, requiring an additional level of personnel support, local security procedure compliance and situational awareness, present an increased challenge in managing risk. By providing a bespoke approach to staff, tailored by the environmental and security challenges faced, Shape Services maintained a high success rate with a reduced staff turnover and 100% compliance with contract requirements.

Shape Services provided 5 full time field support engineers and 2 cover engineers in regular and close coordination with the prime contractor and end customer. Providing services to the end customer, a communications management agency, Shape Services were the customer facing representatives. Year after year for over 15 years, Shape Services instilled a deep level of confidence in the prime contractor and met 100% of SLAs.

As with all contracts in hostile and austere environments, personnel security is of highest importance.  A UK based projects team provided back office support, personnel management and daily monitoring of the security risks.

15 years of successful support on this particular contract shows a confidence in Shape Services capabilities. This contract was eventually terminated by the end customer due to a rapid change in the destination country’s political environment.

The experience Shape Services has gained in this unique environment has laid a foundation for suppliers in similar situations to look towards our company to provide the same expertise, reliability and professionalism to facilitate their ongoing and upcoming contracts in remote, austere and hostile environments.