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Shape Services Ltd | COVID-19 Response

As an employer with projects and personnel deployed globally, two weeks ago we made the decision to close our UK office to enable our staff to work from home using the latest technology, which has been a great success.

Shape Services Ltd value our people & partners.  Their health, safety and wellbeing will always be at the centre of our decision making processes and so, we came to the conclusion that closing our physical offices is the responsible thing to do.  We continue to operate to full capacity, delivering an excellent service with minimal affect.

In line with our company “Values” we demonstrate that we care for our people & partners and our commitment to them will continue throughout this difficult time.  Communication & collaboration is key during this period and we will ensure that the quality of our service is not effected.

Our thoughts are with all our dedicated people, partners and their families, where ever in the world they maybe.

Our message to all is ‘Stay safe & keep healthy and please remember the social distancing rules.  Together we will get through this!’

For contacts and enquiries

Current Projects – andy.smallman@shape-services.com

Future Projects – andrew.harrison@shape-services.com

Finance – jeni.sykes@shape-services.com


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